10 Solar Energy Myths

Like any new technology, solar energy is subject to common myths and misconceptions. Unfortunately, many of these common misconceptions are widely believed by many homeowners, and because of this, people will often overlook the actual benefits that going solar will provide. In this article, we will be looking at the top ten solar myths and giving you the facts, so you make up your mind for yourself about solar energy.

10 Solar Energy Myths

Myth #1: Solar Is Too Expensive

Fact: 96% of Americans overestimate the cost of solar panels. The cost of going solar has been down nearly 80% in the last 15 years. Plus, when you account for the lifetime savings on your energy bill, your solar system will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Myth #2: Solar Only Works When the Sun Is Shining

Fact: Solar Panels will work in any environment or weather condition. While your solar system will produce more electricity on a sunny day than a cloudy day, your solar system will still make a viable amount of electricity even if the sun isn’t out.

Myth #3: Installing Solar Panels Is a Complicated Process

Fact: Installing solar panels is a relatively straightforward process when hiring a reputable company. Solar technicians aren’t constructing anything but rather hooking up the panels to your roof and connecting them to your home.

Myth #4: Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof

Fact: Solar Panels generally provide an added layer of protection on your roof, which helps preserve the material. In the unlikely event a solar panel needs to be removed to repair your roof, they can still be taken down quickly and easily.

Myth #5: Reselling Your Home Is Harder with Solar Panels

Fact: Many studies have shown that homes with solar panels generally sell faster than homes without them. Solar Panels also provide tax incentives for potential home buyers to consider.

Myth #6: Solar Isn’t Efficient Enough

Fact: While the conversion rate of sunlight to electricity is only a fraction of the total sunlight, solar panels are still highly efficient. There is already so much sunlight readily available that even a fraction of the total sunlight is enough to see significant energy savings.

Myth #7: Solar Panel Prices Are Based on The Size of Your Home

Fact: Solar Panel prices have less to do with the size of the home and more to do with the household’s needs and the angle at which the sun hits your roof.

Myth #8: Solar Panels Aren’t Reliable

Fact: Solar Panels contain no moving parts and require little maintenance. In addition, many solar panels manufacturers provide warranties of 20-25 years, with some stretching beyond that.

Myth #9: Excess Energy Can Be Stored for Later

Fact: Unfortunately, you cannot store excess energy within your solar system and save it for later. However, you can send any surplus energy back to the grid when you aren’t using it with net metering and receive credits on your energy bill.

Myth #10: Solar Panel Systems Will Raise My Property Taxes

Fact: While installing solar panels will increase the value of your property; they won’t affect your tax assessment in the same way, giving your home increased value without increased expenses.

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