Are Solar Panels Worth It in Arizona?

When you think of Arizona, what comes to mind? Is it the desert? Is it a cactus? Maybe a mountain? Of all the things those ordinary folks associate with Arizona, one that reigns supreme is the sun. That’s right, the sun. On average, Arizona experiences more than 300 days of sun per year, making it one of the sunniest places on earth. So, it’s no surprise that Arizona residents might wonder if switching to a solar system is a good idea? Well, if you like to save money and help the environment at the same time, solar in Arizona is definitely a good choice. In this article, we will discuss why it is generally an excellent idea for Arizona residents to install solar panels so you can see for yourself truly how good of an investment it is.

Why Solar Panels Are Worth It in Arizona

Are solar panels worth it in Arizona? For most people, the answer is an overwhelming yes! That is especially true for users of APS. So, let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of solar in Arizona, as well as a few exceptions to consider.

Tax Incentives

By far, the best benefit to installing solar panels in Arizona include the local, state, and federal tax incentives that come with it. For example, did you know that the Arizona government will pay $1000 of the cost of your solar panel systems in the form of a solar energy credit? And that’s not all! The federal government will also give you an additional 26% of your total cost back in the form of federal tax credits. So, over 25 years, the average Arizona homeowner is expected to save over $25,000 in energy savings when installing solar panels. That’s not a bad deal!

Lower Energy Costs

Energy companies often set electricity rates but installing solar panels can reduce the amount of energy your home needs to operate and thus decreases your dependence on the grid for energy. While the unit price doesn’t change, the number of units required saves you a lot of money over time. In addition, each time you get your energy bill, you will smile, knowing you will be receiving the benefits of your solar system for years to come. 

High Source of Natural Sunlight

The sun is here to stay, at least for our lifetime plus a couple of billion years. That means that there will always be a readily available source to generate power. With over 300 days a year of sunlight, Arizona is one of the best environments to do so, making the solar panels incredibly useful and efficient. The energy already exists and is flowing readily. So, we might as well take advantage of it by installing solar panels.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Because solar panels use the readily available and renewable source of fusion energy from the sun, the need for finite carbon-based energy sources decreases, and so does its footprint, thus creating a cleaner and more efficient world for everyone.


Although solar is an excellent idea for the vast majority of Arizona homeowners, there are a few exceptions to consider. SRP users tend to receive fewer benefits due to their billing plan, reducing some of the savings. Also, homes in areas with obstructions such as tall buildings, mountains, or anything else that can create a shadow could reduce the efficiency of the solar panels. It is best to call a great solar company ahead of time so they can calculate whether solar is suitable for your home. Fortunately, Bright Home Energy can help you with that!

Bright Home Energy Is Here to Help

If you are an Arizona resident who is seriously considering installing solar panels but wants to know if solar is right for their home, you should definitely contact Bright Home Energy. Bright Home Energy is one of the few solar companies in Arizona that doesn’t contract out its work with means the saving is passed onto you, the consumer. We do this because we believe that a better customer experience and lower costs are essential to running a successful business. We prioritize the needs of our customers first so we can build a relationship of trust and communication with all of our clients. That is the Bright Home way!

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