Ground Solar

What makes solar panels so great is the fact that they can be placed on any surface under the sun. One type of solar panel system that is popular is a ground-mounted solar system. A ground-mounted solar system is pretty self-explanatory…a solar panel system mounted on the ground of your property.

Ground Mountain Solar Systems can be placed on your yard, on a field, or anywhere on the ground that sees the sunlight for most of the day. This type of solution harnesses the energy from the sun and converts it into usable electricity. There are many benefits of ground-mounted solar systems, and they can be used for both residential and commercial applications. However, like any energy solution, it needs to be properly installed and maintained.

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Importance of Angles

Whether you’re taking pictures for the cover of Vogue or installing a ground-mounted solar system, you know that it’s all about the angles. You can ask any professional photographer, and they will tell you that angling a camera is all about lighting exposure. You want enough of it, so the shot looks good, but not so much that the light takes up the whole picture and ruins the photo.

So, in the same way, the angling of a ground-mounted solar system makes a tremendous difference regarding the system’s efficiency. It needs to have the right amount of lighting for it to function at its maximum capacity.

Generally, the ground mount array tilt is between 25 and 35 degrees, but that number can vary depending on the surrounding environment.

Easy Maintenance

One great thing that comes with ground-mounted solar panels is their easy maintenance. Generally, solar panels are super durable and require little to no maintenance over their usable lifespan. With ground-mounted solar panels, it’s actually even easier to maintain compared to solar roofing. This is because they are on the ground instead of the roof, so they are easier to access and won’t be affected if you need a new roof. Ground-mounted solar systems also have fewer regulations and are often more efficient than roof-mounted solar systems because of the increased availability of airflow below the panel system.

Energy Efficiency 

Ground-mountain solar panels are a phenomenal form of self-sustaining renewable energy that requires little to no maintenance over the course of its life.

These solar systems make use out of the light that already shines on us every day. As a result, the energy produced from solar panels is not only energy-efficient but also environmentally clean.

What is so great about solar for its owner is that over time the energy savings of your solar system will pay for themselves and lead to more significant savings on energy costs.

Quick & Easy Installation  

Because ground-mountain solar panel systems are on the ground, they take much less time to install and maintain than roofing solar panel systems. Combine that with the fact the Bright Home Energy are the people who are installing them.

The installation process is super easy and straightforward and will not cause headaches like some other types of home improvements. Ground-mountain solar systems are also super easy to clean since they are on the ground. They are also super easy to monitor over time because of the convenience of being able to see them up close.

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