Solar Repair

Modern solar panel systems are more efficient than they ever have been before. However, regardless of the improved technological advancements, solar panel systems will often need to be repaired and maintained from time to time.

When the time comes, and repairs or maintenance is needed, you want to make sure you get the best and most qualified people to inspect your solar panel system, assess it for any malfunctions or damages, service it professionally, and repair it successfully.

Bright Home Energy is a perfect example of a group of qualified individuals who can repair or maintain your home/business solar panel system and keeping it efficient and clean for as long as possible.

What Our Customers Say

Leslie C (Google Review)

"We Loved working with Bright Home energy. From Tanner who helped us understand the service, to Cris, Austin and Karen who answered our questions along the way."

Brennan B (Google Review)

"Bright home energy is the solar company you need to go with! Their customer service is awesome, Austin was in constant communication with me the whole way."

Solar Panel Inspection

Solar inspections usually occur when there is a change of ownership or when an insurance inspection is requested. However, if you seem to be experiencing any issues with the performance of your system, it is essential that you get your system inspected and professionally checked ASAP. This can save you a lot of money in the long run if a problem is detected early on and fixed. However, if not looked at in time, it can lead to substantial expenses for repairs or replacements. If you want to get your solar system inspected, Bright Home Energy is here to do the job.

Solar Panel Repair

Solar panels are incredibly durable and can stay efficient throughout many types of adverse weather events. Today, the solar panels available are very durable and reliable.

However, nothing is full proof, and sometimes things break. The good news is that if something does break, Bright Home Energy is able to repair your solar system quickly. At Bright Home Energy, we provide professional and affordable solar panel system repair services all across AZ.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Believe it or not, solar panel systems generally require little to no maintenance. As a result, solar panel systems today are very durable and can have a production lifetime spanning over 25 years!

However, sometimes stuff comes up, and your system may need to be repaired and maintained. Luckily, if something did happen to need further maintenance, the good folks at Bright Home Energy would be able to take care of you in a heartbeat and give you the highest quality maintenance for your solar system

Removal & Reinstallation

When it comes to a solar panel removal and installation, you don’t exactly anticipate needing one. That is until you do, for whatever unforeseen reason. Like needing a surprise roof replacement or transferring your solar system to a new residence.

Regardless of why you would need solar panel removal and installation done, Bright Home Energy is here to assist you when you do. We are solar panel removal and reinstallation experts, and we uphold the highest quality standards in the industry.

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