Tesla Powerwall

A Tesla Powerwall is a type of rechargeable home battery system that utilizes solar battery technology to capture and hold energy to be used by your home or business when needed at a later time.

What makes the Tesla Powerwall unique is that it can support a larger electrical capacity than any other type of solar battery storage product on the market. Think of it like a backup generator mixed with a smart-home control device and powered with solar energy. 

The Tesla Powerwall also has integrated revenue-grade energy metering. This feature helps households accurately monitor their solar energy production and their home energy consumption. This data makes it easier for households to claim tax credits from clean energy incentives.

There are many advantages to owning a solar backup system like a Tesla Powerwall. Let’s take a look and get into the specifics of this revolutionary device.

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Why Consider A Home Solar Backup System?

A home solar backup system is a solar backup battery that stores converted solar energy into a system with both on-grid and off-grid capabilities.

This means that you can still get electricity from the grid if you need it while at the same time being independent of the grid for your supply of electricity.

For example, suppose your household consumes more electricity than it produces. In that case, your household can make up for this energy deficit by drawing energy from the grid.

Meanwhile, at the same time, if the grid were to go out, your home’s solar backup battery wouldn’t be affected. So essentially, home solar backup systems are energy system options that get the best of both on-grid and off-grid solar systems.

Advantages Of A Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall offers many advantages for a homeowner, such as grid-free energy independence, reduced electric bill expenses, and a minimized carbon footprint.

The Tesla Powerwall also monitors your energy usage in real-time, and it also can switch between on-grid electricity and off-grid electricity at peak electricity times. This allows homeowners more control over their energy usage and helps minimize unnecessary energy consumption.

Lastly, the Tesla Powerwall acts as a self-sustaining backup generator for your home. Because of this feature, when your neighborhood experiences a blackout, it won’t affect your home.

Why Choose Bright Home Energy? 

Do you live in Arizona? Are you considering having a Tesla Powerwall installed in your home or business? If so, you should get in touch with our team of expert solar technicians to see if a Tesla Powerwall is the right type of solar battery storage option for you.

At Bright Home Energy, we are dedicated to helping our clients find improved energy solutions for their homes or businesses by harnessing the power of sunlight and utilizing it to a household’s full potential. You can count on Bright Home Energy to do the job right.

For us, this means tailoring each solar system type, and installation plan to the needs of our customers and their households. Bright Home Energy is here to provide intelligent, energy-efficient solutions to help our customers save money while saving the planet!

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