HOA SOlar Rules

Homeowner’s associations are the people within a neighborhood that set the rules for a neighborhood’s aesthetic. Unfortunately, many HOA’s have attempted to prevent homeowners from installing their own solar panel system throughout the years. Fortunately, Arizona law now prevents HOA’s from doing that. However, there has been much controversy around this issue.

In Arizona, it is against the law for a Homeowners Association (HOA) to outlaw a solar panel system installation. However, HOA’s do have the power to place some limits or restrictions on solar panel installations within the neighborhood.

With that being said, the HOA’s limitations cannot prohibit the use of solar panels outright, nor can they “effectively prohibit” them through other means like making the installation too expensive or complicated to complete.

HOA & Getting Approved

Arizona Revised Statute Section 33-1816 (the Planned Communities Act) strictly prohibits planned communities from banning the installation or use of a solar energy device.

However, planned communities (HOAs) may adopt rules regarding the positioning and placement of these solar devices, just so long as these rules do not effectively prevent installation, impair the device’s ability to function, or adversely affect the cost of the device.

In any case, you as a homeowner will still have to abide by and follow any architectural or structural rules they have in place that are in line with the homeowner association’s specifc governing documents.

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