Bright Home Energy is proud to provide homeowners with SRP the best solar system installation in the great Phoenix area. While many solar companies abandoned SRP after its controversial “Customer Generation Price Plan” in 2015, Bright Home Energy still remains to help SRP users get the most out of their solar panel systems.

The Customer Generation plan is significantly not the same as anything our industry has seen previously. Under this new valuation model, clients are required to pay for their complete power utilization and are also required to pay a demand fee during the highest half-hour of on-peak use. However, with the help of Bright Home Energy, we can install your solar energy system on the SRP grid and help you utilize the most of your solar system.

How To Install Solar Power In SRP

Bright Home Energy is proud to be an SRP solar panel system provider. We take great pride in helping SRP users hook up their solar energy systems to SRP’s power grid. At Bright Home Energy, we adhere to the highest quality standards for solar installation and will have your solar energy system set-up to perfection.

SRP recommends homeowners who are interested in solar energy systems take the following steps:

Why Bright Home Energy? 

At Bright Home Energy, we are excited to help SRP users install the most efficient energy solutions for their homes or businesses. We help SRP users utilize their home’s full energy potential, every single day.

So, when you hear Bright Home Energy, you know you can count on us. We provide intelligent, energy-efficient solutions for SRP users to increase their energy system’s efficiency. When you think of solar energy systems, SRP, and preferred provider – think Bright Home Energy. We’ll bring the light to you!

What Our Customers Say

Leslie C (Google Review)

"We Loved working with Bright Home energy. From Tanner who helped us understand the service, to Cris, Austin and Karen who answered our questions along the way."

Brennan B (Google Review)

"Bright home energy is the solar company you need to go with! Their customer service is awesome, Austin was in constant communication with me the whole way."

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