5 Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

New solar panels provide efficient energy production and are easy to install. However, many owners neglect to take proper care of their solar panels. Consistent maintenance of your solar panels will keep them in top-notch condition. 

Although solar panels require little maintenance compared to other energy sources, it is still wise to look after them. In doing so, you will ensure your solar panels last their entire potential lifespan.

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Whether your system is on your roof or ground, here are five maintenance tips for looking after your solar panels.

Maintenance Tip #1: Inspections

Solar panels can be prone to the collection of dust and debris. In addition, systems close to roads or highways are prone to build-up from dirt and fumes. Ground-based systems are more affected by these elements than systems on a roof. Still, regular inspection is essential.

Keep an eye out for changes in weather as well. Storms and changes in the wind can damage your panels.

Maintenance Tip #2: Cleaning

First, before doing anything to your solar panels, you should consult the manufacturer’s instructions. You should turn off the system and make sure you do not use anything to damage the panels. Specifically, avoid using unpurified/hard water, abrasive brushes, or detergents. 

Spraying a moderate amount of purified, lukewarm water on the panels and wiping them with a soft cloth will suffice. If your panels are on your roof, you can use a non-abrasive sponge with a handle. Either way, ensure you consult an expert or the manual to prevent any harm to the panels.

Keeping dust and debris off your solar panel is essential to keeping it in its best shape. If you allow these things to build up, you will lose energy efficiency in your system.

Maintenance Tip #3: Ensure Ample Sunlight

Maintaining your panels’ exposure to sunlight is vital in keeping energy at its highest. Cleaning the panels will surely help, but make sure there are no obstacles that could interfere.

Ground-based systems can be affected by shadows or growing trees and plant life. Make sure there are no new hindrances to your solar panel getting sunlight.

Maintenance Tip #4: Looking After Accessories

Solar panel systems have various components that you need to look after. Specifically, look out for your solar inverters, which switch to fault mode in case of any faults in the system. As a result, this helps prevent any further damage to your system.

Reading the manual helps to know what you will need to do for your panels. Familiarizing yourself with what work is required for your panels will ensure you keep on top of maintenance.

Maintenance Tip #5: Contacting Experts

If you notice something wrong with your panels and are unsure how to fix it, call an expert. Do not attempt to repair or remove any parts if you are unfamiliar with them.

Luckily, Bright Home Energy aims to inform you of everything you must do to care for your panels.

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