What is Green Energy?

Basics of Green Energy

What makes the world move? At its most basic and complex levels, it is energy. From the food you eat to the totality of the power grid, energy is the fundamental component of sustaining our lives. Yet, when we think about energy systems, we typically associate energy production with decreased resources and increased pollution levels.

In recent years there has been an expanded interest in developing green energy systems which run on clean energy and are renewable. However, while these terms are often used interchangeably, they discuss different aspects of similar technology. So, when we think of green energy, what does it mean? So, let’s look at what green energy is and how it differs from other types of energy.

What Is Green Energy?

As we look toward creating a more sustainable energy grid, we intrinsically become more aware of our impact on our environment. That’s why we look at alternative forms of energy such as green energy, renewable energy, and clean energy. Now, let’s explore some of the key differences between these terms.

Green energy has to do with nature and deriving energy sources from nature. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, natural energy sources, or green energy, provide the most significant environmental benefits. Examples of green energy include solar energy, wind energy, biogas energy, and geothermal energy.

When we use terms like renewable energy and clean energy, we need to understand that those terms may go hand and hand with green energy. However, they don’t exactly mean the same thing. Clean energy, for example, utilizes clean air, whereas renewable energy utilizes renewable sources.

Nuclear energy is a perfect example of this. While nuclear energy may be cleaner and more sustainable than other forms of energy, it would be a stretch to call it green energy. And even though it is more sustainable, it still requires large factories to process this energy.

Now, let’s compare that to solar energy. Solar energy is a form of green energy because it comes from sunlight. However, while solar energy is considered the cleanest and most abundant natural source of energy available, it, by definition, wouldn’t be regarded as clean energy as it doesn’t utilize clean air due to the nature of the system. Solar energy is a prime example of green energy because it comes from the earth and is also renewable energy. To date, solar energy is the best form of green and renewable energy.

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