What is Net Metering for Solar Systems?

What is net metering for solar systems? Net metering is how energy companies bill that utilizes the electric grid to store excess energy produced by your solar panels.

Net metering is an electronic billing tool that credits your energy bill for unused energy produced by your solar panel system. When there isn’t a lot of sunlight out, usually during a cloudy or rainy day, the energy utility grid will provide your home with energy where it will count against the energy credits you have accumulated over time.

As a solar customer, you will be billed for your “net energy usage.” In this article, we will be diving into net metering for solar systems so you can understand more about how they work.

What Is Net Metering For Solar Systems?

So, how does net metering work? After you install a net-metered solar panel system, your solar panels will begin to produce electricity. Then, during the daytime, you will produce more electricity at any other point of the day. During that time, the excess electricity you use will get sent back to the grid, which will credit your solar energy bill. Conversely, when it’s cloudy outside or nighttime, your energy system pulls back that credit for excess electricity your household uses.

Net metering was created for two primary reasons. Firstly, as an initiative to encourage more households to switch to solar panel systems, and secondly, because the utility grid can benefit from the influx of low-cost solar energy onto the grid. In addition, solar energy is a great way to help balance the cost of buying electricity from other sources, especially during the hot summer months when electricity is the most expensive.

Now typically, during the summer months, a household will produce more electricity during the summer months than in the winter months. However, households will also use more electricity in the summer months than in the winter months due to air conditioning costs. Because these fluctuations are relatively predictable, your utility company won’t send you a bill if you produce more electricity than you use. Instead, they will roll over the energy credits towards the next month.

With net metering, there are many opportunities to save money over the lifespan of your solar system. However, there are other factors to consider when installing a solar panel system, including where your home is located and the net metering policy of your local utility company. If you want more information for your home, contact the professionals at Bright Home Energy to assist you!

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